Dziuleta Cepeniene

Laboratory Operations Manager
Dziuleta Cepeniene - HepQuant

Dziuleta is Laboratory Operations Manager at HepQuant, LLC. In this role, she is responsible for ensuring all of the company’s laboratory operations meet regulatory requirements and business objectives. She is in charge of processing HepQuant SHUNT Testing patient blood samples for LCMS and analyzing the data to generate quantitative liver function testing results. She reports these results to HepQuant clients, including pharmaceutical companies and independent principal investigators at various academic institutions.

A research specialist in the field of peptide synthesis for use as molecular tools and peptide based drug development, Dziuleta previously served on the staff of the University of Colorado Denver, School of Medicine, working in the BMG Department, the Peptide Core Facility, and as a professional research assistant.

She possesses specialized experience in peptide purification and analysis using reversed phase LC, HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) and Mass Spectrometry. Dziuleta has particular expertise in attaching fluorescent probes and other tags to peptides and proteins.

A native of Lithuania, Dziuleta spent years as a manager in the Chemistry Department at the Vilnius Power Plant (Vilnius, Lithuania). Prior to that she was an Engineer Technologist at the Institute of Research and Technology’s Chemistry Department in Vilnius.

Fluent in English, Lithuanian, Russian, and Polish, Dziuleta earned a MS degree in Chemistry from Vilnius University. Among other publications, Dziuleta has contributed to Peptides 2011 – American Peptide Society (“Selective labeling of Lysine-containing biologically active peptides at the N-terminus with Alexa Fluor Dye) and the Journal of Separation Science (“Reversed-phase HPLC of peptides: assessing column and solvent selectivity on standard, polar-embedded and polar endcapped columns”).