Steve Helmke

Steve Helmke, Ph.D.

Dr. Helmke is a Research Instructor in the Gastroenterology Division at the School of Medicine, University of Colorado located at the Anschutz Medical Center in Aurora, CO. He received his undergraduate degree in Biochemical Sciences from Princeton University and his Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry from UCLA before moving to Colorado to pursue a career focused on protein biochemistry and quantitative mass spectrometry.

Dr. Helmkeā€™s research has spanned a wide variety of fields with publications in pharmacology, neuroscience, cardiology, endocrinology, and analytical chemistry. He holds a patent on a method to identify neuron growth promoting factors (US Patent #6,566,047) and has patents pending on a novel therapeutic target for heart failure, new biomarkers for thyroid cancer, and a method for mass spectrometric quantification of proteins.

Dr. Helmke was involved in the start-up of Myogen and directed their first laboratory project, a contract from Lilly, to investigate mechanisms of heart failure. He was the lead scientist on a contract to the University of Colorado from Pfizer to develop quantitative mass spectrometry of phospho-proteins for the screening of new cancer drugs. Currently he is optimizing mass spectrometric quantification methods for the HepQuant test.