The HepQuant Team

The HepQuant management team is committed to fulfilling an unmet medical need: The development and successful proliferation of minimally invasive tests of the liver to improve diagnosis and aid clinical management.

Greg Everson - HepQuant

Greg Everson, MD | CEO & Chief Medical Officer

Randy Dietrich - HepQuant

Randy Dietrich | President

steve helmke HepQuant

Steve Helmke | Chief Scientific Officer

Brad Everson - HepQuant CBDO

Brad Everson | Chief Business Development Officer

All Xu - HepQuant Regulatory and Quality Affairs

Ally Xu | Director, Regulatory & Quality Affairs

Lisa Goggin - Managing Director

Lisa Goggin | Managing Director of Business Operations

Dziuleta Cepeniene - HepQuant

Dziuleta Cepeniene | Laboratory Operations Manager

Keith Hoffman - HepQuant

Keith Hoffman | Clinical Laboratory Manager

Koren Newman - HepQuant

Koren Newman | Lab Quality Manager

Tom Soucie photo

Tom Soucie | Senior Quality Engineer

Elyse Handley - HepQuant

Elyse Handley | Manager of Clinical Trials

Nancy Dugan - HepQuant

Nancy Dugan | Administrative Assistant