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Liver Testing Through a New Investigative Tool

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Function Matters

HepQuant: A minimally invasive assessment of chronic liver disease

HepQuant Test to Measure Liver

A New Investigative Tool to Evaluate the Liver

Backed by years of data

HepQuant Research Center and Lab

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Novel technology for minimally invasive

Breaking Through Conventional Thinking About Liver Testing

HepQuant is a privately-held, early-stage medical diagnostics company with unique, patented and patent-pending technology for assessing liver function of patients with chronic liver disease. HepQuant technologies, licensed from the University of Colorado Denver (UCD), have been advanced with the intent to profoundly impact the liver disease landscape – including the research, treatment and patient communities – with diagnostic products that are accurate and minimally invasive.

Let’s Connect at The Liver Meeting

AASLD Liver MeetingHepQuant will be conducting an oral presentation and presenting three posters at the The Liver Meeting® 2017 in Washington DC, October 20 – 24. The company will also be hosting its Scientific Advisory Board meeting during the conference.  


HepQuant Hosting 2017 Scientific Advisory Board Meeting at AASLD

HepQuant Abstracts to be Presented at AASLD Liver Meeting 2017

  • Diagnosing NASH and Assessing NASH Disease Severity with HepQuant-STAT, a Simple Quantitative Liver Function Test.  Oral presentation on 10/22.
  • Evaluation of the Liver’s Function and Physiology Using HepQuant SHUNT to Potentially Differentiate Irreversible from Reversible Hepatic Impairment in Patients with Chronic Passive Hepatic Congestion Secondary to Fontan Circulation.   POSTER to be presented on 10/21, 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Liver Functional Assessment by Dual Cholate Testing Is Strongly Correlated with Direct Portal Pressure and Ishak Fibrosis Stage.   POSTER to be presented on 10/23.
  • Portal-Systemic Shunt Fraction measured by the HepQuant-SHUNT Test Correlates with the Hepatic Venus Pressure Gradient (HVPG). Poster to be presented on 10/23.


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