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HepQuant: A minimally invasive assessment of chronic liver disease

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Liver Function Tests: Breaking Through Conventional Thinking About Liver Health Testing

HepQuant is a privately-held, early-stage medical diagnostics company with unique, patented and patent-pending technology for assessing liver function of patients with chronic liver disease. HepQuant technologies, licensed from the University of Colorado Denver (UCD), have been advanced with the intent to profoundly impact the liver disease landscape – including the research, treatment and patient communities – with diagnostic products that are accurate and minimally invasive.

Recent Events

Interview at BioTech 2020 | “Director Interview”

NASH Summit 2018 - Dr Everson HepQuant

HepQuant CEO Greg Everson joined Proactive at the Biotech Showcase 2020 in San Francisco, Jan. 14th, 2020.

NASH Summit 2019

HepQuant at NASH Conference 2019

Greg Everson, MD, HepQuant’s Chief Executive Officer, presented at the NASH Summit 2019, in Boston. Dr. Everson was a key speaker during the Clinical Stream Segment entitled “Strategic Considerations for Phase 3 Clinical Trials.” Also attending on behalf of HepQuant were Randy Dietrich and Brad Everson.


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Recently Presented

EASL International Liver Congress: Greg Everson, MD, and Brad Everson, HepQuant’s CEO and CBDO respectively, attended the EASL International Liver Congress, April 10-14, 2019  in Vienna, Austria.

Poster: A late breaker poster was released at EASL ILC 2019 discussing baseline and Day 85 HepQuant-SHUNT™ and Disease Severity Index (DSI) results from Intercept study 747-117 conducted in parallel to the Regenerate study. “Effect of Obeticholic Acid on Liver Function in Patients With Fibrosis due to NASH.” Naim Alkhouri (1), Gregory T. Everson (2), Steve Helmke (2), Jianfen Chen (3), Carl LaCerte (3), Michael Stenkilsson (3), Jeffrey E. Edwards (3). 1 Texas Liver Institute, University of Texas Health, San Antonio, TX; 2 HepQuant, Greenwood Village, CO; 3. Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc., San Diego, CA.

HepQuant attended and presented posters at the 2019 NASH-TAG Conference in Park City, Utah in January 2019.

Poster: Title: “Hepatobiliary and Metabolic Changes Occurring during Weight Loss and Subsequent Weight Maintenance in Obese Subjects: Implications for NASH Clinical Trials.” Thomas E. Trouillot (1), Robert H. Eckel (1), and Gregory T. Everson (1,2). 1. University of Colorado; 2. HepQuant, LLC, Greenwood Village, CO

Poster: “Modeling the HepQuant STAT Test for Pre-screening NASH Subjects to Enrich Study Populations for the Desired Stage of Disease.” Steve M. Helmke and Gregory T. Everson HepQuant, LLC, Greenwood Village, CO.

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