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Preliminary data from the HepQuant SHUNT-V Pivotal study released during the 72nd AASLD Annual Meeting

November 16, 2021
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HepQuant Results Presented while Attending the 72nd AASLD Annual Meeting and AHA 2021 Annual Meeting

DENVER (November 16th, 2021) — HepQuant, LLC,  a Denver, Colorado-based company with a unique, patented and patent-pending technology for evaluating the liver in patients with chronic liver disease, today announced that preliminary data from the SHUNT-V Pivotal study was released while attending the 72nd AASLD Annual Meeting in oral and poster presentations.  In addition, Boehringer Ingelheim presented HepQuant data from a phase 1b study of a drug candidate for treating portal hypertension, and concurrently the University of Pennsylvania presented data studying FONTAN-associated liver disease at the AHA annual meeting. A listing of these abstracts and brief description is provided below.

Abstract #1: “Treatment with HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors (Statins) is Associated with Preservation of Hepatic Function in Advanced Chronic Liver Disease (CLD): Results from the SHUNT-V Study.”  Presenting Author: Dr. Robert Rahimi, Annette C. and Harold C. Simmons Transplant Institute, Baylor University Medical Center, Baylor Scott and White, Dallas, TX.  Sessions: Parallel 21: NAFLD and NASH:Clinical Trials of Novel Therapeutics, NAFLD Debrief.

Description: In examining the SHUNT V Pivotal Study cohort with advanced liver disease undergoing upper endoscopy, it was found that subjects treated with Statins and certain antidiabetic drugs had significantly better liver function and less shunting than controls.

Abstract #2: “The HepQuant SHUNT Test Predicts the Likelihood of Finding Esophageal Varices and Particularly Large Varices at Endoscopy.”  Presenting Author: Dr. Mitch Shiffman, Liver Institute of Virginia, Richmond, VA. Session:  Portal Hypertension and Other Complications of Cirrhosis.

Description: The HepQuant DSI was shown to predict the likelihood of finding any and large esophageal varices (p < 0.0001, p < 0.0001) in patients of mixed characteristics, severities, and etiologies of chronic liver disease.

Abstract #3: “BI 685509 Improves Hepatic Function in Subjects with Child-Pugh A Cirrhosis and a Liver Stiffness Measurement of >15 kPa: Results from the HepQuant SHUNT Test.”  Presenting Author: Dr. Eric Lawitz, Texas Liver Institute, Professor, University of Texas Health San Antonio, San Antonio, TX.  Session Title: Portal Hypertension and Other Complications of Cirrhosis,

Description: In 28 days of treatment with BI 685509, a drug candidate to treat portal hypertension, the HepQuant SHUNT test detected a dose-dependent increase in first pass extraction that was significant in the 3mg BID arm.

Abstract #4: “Clinical and Laboratory Correlates of Impaired Cholate Clearance in the Adult Fontan.”  Presenting Author: Dr. Yuli Kim, Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.

Description: Cholate Clearance has been shown to be decreased in the Fontan.  Oxygen saturation, alkaline phosphatase, and alpha fetoprotein were correlated with abnormal cholate clearance, and cirrhosis on imaging and Fontan pressures trended towards an association.

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